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Our Businesses

A socially conscious Company, Divine Space is purpose inspired to be the best in the business. Our quest is to be a valuable resource, and hence our innovative qualities inspire us to create new verticals in our business.

With more than 40 years presence in the word of Realty, we have now forged in the growing arena of Digital Technology and Renewable energy. This has further strengthened the future growth prospects of the Company.


With a 40 year presence and intensive experience in Realty, we provide products matching an industry leader level in innovation and craftsmanship.

Each project is built by the best in the business to create a unique combination of style and practicality.

From Commercial Spaces to Residential buildings, we provide economically sustainable solutions to every project we undertake. Know More


Digital Signage Solutions, instantly updates and communicates information to its target audience. Our customer centric ,user friendly solutions, with stunning, dynamic content, are an offer you can’t overlook. Divine Space Digital Technology offers complete Management Services including Solutions,Concept, Content, Integration, Installation and Maintenance. We pillar your service for its smooth functioning. Know More


Harnessing natural sources of energy to benefit mankind is fundamental to our vision. It’s demand in the perceivable future, and our share of responsibility, brings us together in selecting Solar as the preferred energy. Divine Space Renewable Energy, serves you with collaborations of our network experts in renewable energy to create solar energy solutions that meet your need Know More