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Digital Signage can be an effective tool only when you realise that you need to play content which your audience wishes to see and the way they wish to see it. The most useful solutions need to be installed so that they are engaging and there is no loss of messages. Content playing will not matter if your digital display devices aren’t placed in optimal areas for content distribution. At Divine Space we reach out to our clients to suggest the most effective solutions which are impactful and sure winners.

During consultation we will :
• Study your requirements
• Suggest options to get maximum viewership
• Assist in selecting the best solutions for your specific business


Every aspect of Digital Signage design is relevant. From background colours to images and font types, each element impacts the message as much as the actual written content. The right placement of the content can have a wider impact on your viewers. Designing is also specific to every Industry whether it be QSR’s, Retail or Finance. We at Divine Space understand this and hence provide customer focused creations specific to each industry.

We provide:
• Scripting
• Full motion graphics/ videos
• visually eye catching templates

Additionally we also manage:


Creating content is one thing, for it being effective to the targeted audience is quite another. Existing content sometimes needs repurposing to include a new audience or reinforcing the message to the existing ones. Either its placement or the content itself may need to be refurbished for it to be successful. Repurposing the same content into various different forms will help achieving consistent messages across Digital Signage’s. At Divine Space Digital Technology, our expert team, works on existing content to improve organic visibility and viability to get the maximum audience attention and engagement.

We carry out:
• Refurbishing of old content
• Editing new content
• Formatting and display of content for maximum effect


Once the content is created, managing it SMARTLY leads to the optimum use of the solution. Integrating and managing the content and as well as content delivery is critical for the smooth functioning of the Digital Signage. Divine Space Digital Technology with its proficiency, offers its services of complete handling of the entire application for its client.

We take care of :
• Uploading content
• Scheduling it
• Multilingual supports
• Check the operations of displays, placed in diverse areas
• Refreshing content display from time to time
• Display content as per specific audience


DSDT assists our clients right from the inception of choosing the right hardware and software, based on the kind of Solutions they are looking for, for their specific business. Our expert team integrates the best solutions which are relevant and cost effective.


The Tech Division of DSDT will carry out all work relating to the installation of the hardware as well as
the software for the selected Solution. DSDT will deploy its technicians to train and manage the installation and get the solution operative and running.


Divine Space Digital Technology offers regular preventive maintenance of the hardware. From Emergency Service Response and replacements and repairs of faulty parts, to upgrading the software, DSDT offers the option of taking over the responsibility through an Annual Maintenance Contract.

We provide this with:
• Professional technicians for any trouble shooting
• Quality and comprehensive support for upgrading software
• Seamless deployment for maintenance